Elixir - The Best Dev Language

1 min read

Recently, I’ve been learning a new programming language, Elixir. Elixir is a readable extension of the Erlang VM.

I am already writing a library that attempts to do in Elixir what Lodash does in JavaScript. I call it Hidash, lol.

Some example Elixir code goes as follows:

avg = fn a, b -> (a + b) / 2 end

IO.puts("The average of 3 and 7 is #{avg.(3, 7)}")

# Output: The average of 3 and 7 is 5.0

I plan on adding a more advanced average function to the HiDash.Math module soon.

Ruby supports bare words after a function method_missing is defined, but Elixir supports them by default. I don’t use them, because that’s insane, but it’s a cool feature to have and to play around with.

I plan on making my second Discord bot using Elixir, but before that, I need to get some practice. I plan on open-sourcing all my projects, so check out my GitHub