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Again, this blog is kinda dead, BUT: I’m still gonna write.

I have been working on many projects since I last wrote, I will list them out here with links and brief descriptions, but first I wanna say, if you’re reading this, thank you, it means a lot, and it would be really cool if you hit me up on Twitter @RailRunner166, I would love to talk! :D

So, My Projects…

**DMRail Games:** DMRail Games is a game company that I started with a real-life friend of mine. We do mainly online multiplayer games, but we might create a desktop or mobile game sooner or later.

**RailEdit:** If you guessed that this is an editing software, you’re correct! I built this using ReactJS, TypeScript, and CodeMirror. It has support for themeing, multiple language modes, it has keybinds, etc, and it uses Semantic UI for styling!

You can try it out at! (I will soon port it to either a chrome app, an electron app, or both!)

**MyRPC:** MyRPC is a desktop app that allows you to set a custom Discord RPC status, with custom images, descriptions, etc.

Other events

  • Ive been banned from Discord twice, both times for no (real) reason
  • I turned 16
  • I’ve been locked out of my whole online presence (most of which was destroyed in the process) by a Canadian hacker; I have recovered my online presence and name since then.

If you find Amazon stuff interesting, you can click this link, and if you decide to spend some money from this link, a part of it goes to me, and you know where that money goes: It helps me create more awesome software ;), so if you feel like supporting me, it would be really cool, just click this link to check out an awesome CORSAIR headset!